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German 'Choral Singing' ('Chorgesangswesen') and Eastern Europe

Within the scope of this research German 'Choral Singing'  ('Chorgesangswesen') has been examined against the background of the constantly increasing national consciousness in the 19th century, however in this context it was nevertheless just possible to work out the ideologically directed competition between several co-existing, but clearly differentiated music cultures with adequate clarity.

Within the scope of such a cultural scientific comparative attempt, attention was consequently directed towards the complicated interactions between alien and self-portraits. It was therefore essential for the sources to be subjected to a determined interdisciplinary reading.

As part of this sub-project, an international workshop entitled "Choral Singing as a Medium of Interculturality: Forms, Channels, Discourses" was conducted in Bonn from 25 to 27 May 2006 (workshop programme). – The presentations held there as well as a number of supplementary articles received have been published in the third volume of reports from the intercultural research project.