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Reports of the Intercultural Research Project “German Music Culture in Eastern Europe”

Volume 3:

Choral Singing as Medium of interculturality: Forms, Channels, Discourses

428 pages including 4 sheet music examples and 17 figures in the text as well as 6 pages including coloured reproductions, hardcover, ed. by Erik Fischer, Editorial Staff: Annelie Kürsten, Sarah Brasack and Verena Ludorff, Franz Steiner Verlag Stuttgart, 2007

ISBN 978-3-515-09011-7
€ 48,00

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In which specific historical and regional forms, through which cultural techniques and channels and by means of which discourses did the arising mass phenomenon of German choral singing, which emerged within the 19th century, develop within the Eastern parts of Central Europe? These questions are dealt with in very different ways in the 29 contributions which have emerged from the project work of the year 2006. From the varying perspectives of specific nations, they focus on "choral singing" as a multilayered symbol-like signifier which, in addition to providing essential pointers to the mentality of the respective era, also makes it possible to draw conclusions concerning the complex, often ideologically directed development of alien and self-perceptions or such concerning the competition between several identity concepts which differentiate each other further. – Each of the essays has an abstract attached in English (respectively German); in the case of translations or texts, which were written in German or English as foreign language, furthermore an abstract of the essay was added within the native tongue of the respective author.

The publication of this series is supported by the German Federal Representative for Culture and Media.