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Reports of the Intercultural Research Project “German Music Culture in Eastern Europe”

Cover V-4 Volume 4:

'German Music Culture in Eastern Europe': Constellations — Metamorphoses — Desiderata — Perspectives

xiv, 484 pages including 4 sheet music examples and 13 figures in the text, hardcover, ed. by Erik Fischer, Editorial Staff: Gerhard Müller and Alexander Kleinschrodt, Franz Steiner Verlag Stuttgart, 2012

ISBN 978-3-515-09322-4
€ 62,00

(Delivery in December 2012)

Table of Contents

This publication differs from previous (and subsequent) issued volumes of project reports because of one special feature. In this volume, an attempt is made to subject the overarching thematic area covered by the research activities in Bonn to critical self-reflection: the genesis and the typological and historic modifications of the field as well as the associated political, social and cultural requirements and interests are now the focus of examination themselves. The historic arch spanned by the total of 24 articles extends from the concepts of ‘German’ music that have been developed since the 19th century through the updates and transformations following the end of World War II caused by the flight and expulsion of the Germans from their former settlement areas all the way to consideration of the potential future scope of the discourse on “German Music Culture in Eastern Europe”. – In addition to a German abstract, each of the essays is accompanied by an English abstract.

The publication of this series is supported by the German Federal Representative for Culture and Media.