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Reports of the Intercultural Research Project “German Music Culture in Eastern Europe”

Volume 1:

The Making of Musical Instruments in Intercultural Discourse

298 pages, hardcover, including three sheet music samples and 46 figures in the text,
ed. by Erik Fischer, Editorial Staff: Annelie Kürsten and Sarah Brasack, Franz Steiner Verlag Stuttgart, 2006

ISBN 3-515-08811-3
€ 34,00

Table of Contents


The manifold problems and issues of this topic were adopted within the context of an international workshop that took place in December 2004. The report documents the variety of current research; it provides a total of 22 articles that – partly from the perspective of theoretical approaches and partly from various exemplary observations – raise questions about the specific conditions and procedures of mutual cultural exchange between former German-speaking areas and the Eastern parts of Europe. The four thematically divided sections of this volume orientate towards the leading categories "Culture Transfer", "Socio-economic Correlation", "Cultural Topography" and "Cultural Memory". – Each of the essays has an abstract attached in English and German; in the case of translations or texts, which were written in German or English as foreign language, furthermore an abstract of the essay was added within the native tongue of the respective author.

The publication of this series is supported by the German Federal Representative for Culture and Media.